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About The Green Piece

The GPC is the first prominent cryptocurrency touted to be Made In The USA. The market for cryptocurrency in the US hasn’t yet experienced the same demand that the rest of the world is currently enjoying, but recent events have brought a flood of information and institutional investors to change that. And with the green piece leading the way we aim to take the industry by storm. Please enjoy this short video to gain a better understanding of the background and economics of the green piece. And join us on our journey as we aim to create a social movement and millions for the masses that missed out on the advent of the original bitcoin.


Key features of The Green Piece

High Rewards

With our revolutionary social movement concept of millions for the masses The Green Piece aims to be the top wealth creation vehicle of this generation.


The Green Piece provides peace of mind when it comes to the safe storage of your data with our revolutionary blockchain concepts.

Customer Support

Our customer support can be contacted 24/7 either by phone or email.

The Green Piece Press Releases

Find detailed newspress links about Green Piece, Distribution and fund allocation. You can contact us for more information.


Why Choose The Green Piece?

We believe in a new world, one that can help introduce the masses to the wealth creation of cryptocurrency, and specifically The Green Piece. We’ve aimed our business model after the early years of the original Bitcoin in order to help create as much wealth for the masses as possible.

Secured User Data

We use Leading-edge blockchain technology with advanced cryptography to secure your data at The Green Piece

Listing on Multiple Exchanges

The Green Piece aims to be listed on all major exchanges in multiple global jurisdictions at the right junction, for enhanced investor liquidity and functionality.

Instant Exchange

We at The Green Piece offer secure storage of value with instant liquidity upon launch with major exchanges for any fiat or other digital currency.

The Green Piece Tokenization

Here is the full detail about Green Piece, Distribution and fund allocation. You can contact us for more information.

Crowd Sale Information

Crowd Sale Starts 05-04-2021
Crowd Sale Ends 01-01-2022
Total Token Supply 1000000000 GPC
Hard Cap $1BN
Soft Cap $50M
Token Price 0.03 To N/A USD
Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC

Join the movement now before The Green Piece launches on major exchanges

Current Price: 0.03 USD
Soft Cap $50m
Hard Cap $1bn
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The Green Piece
The Green Piece
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The Green Piece Tokens Technical Information

Having correct information is your right and we offer you a deeper look.


Read The Green Piece Whitepaper

Of course, economic considerations play a role— after all, upside and opportunity have always driven progress. Given the present reality and the necessity to change its trajectory, how can we transform traditional approaches to energy investment?
Let's have an analytical look.

Why Use The Green Piece Wallets?

Safe & Secure

Your data security is our first priority. Safe and Secure blockchain driven technologies are used to ensure maximum security.

Universal and Interactive

Designed with modern techniques and designers, our wallets provide you an elegant look and wonderful functionalities.

Send and Receive

Our One click Send and Receive functions will give you an outstanding feeling of ease and perfomance.

The Green Piece Roadmap

What are our major goals?

With help from our team members, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.


Q1 2020

Idea and Team Building for GPC

Q2 2020

Proving the concept can work

Q3 2020

Whitepaper, Website and Platform Development

Q1 2021

Token Sale launched.